Hidden Lake Association Articles of Incorporation

Current and Propose Articles

The Articles of Incorporation is a required legal document that defines Hidden Lake Association as an incorporated entity. As we all know, things change over time especially in the world of business. In effort to legally align with these changes, the board working with our attorney, has proposed updates to our current Articles of Incorporation to properly align with today's business environment.

The proposed changes will require us to move some of the current Articles content to the By-Laws where it belongs, but only if the content is not already defined in the By-Laws. A lot of this content is currently duplicated in these documents. The main goal of this project is to eliminate unnecessary information and most importantly provide the correct wording to officially allow the board the latitude to take action on behalf of the members when appropriate (something we already do today, it's just not properly defined in the current document). The board views these changes as providing clarity within our Articles of Incorporation and updating them to today's business standards.

We have had one of our long standing members review the prposed changes and they were in total agreement with our reccomendation. If you would like to help us with this project or have questions, please contact any Board member with your thoughts or concern.

It is our intention to vote on the adoption of these updates in the May meeting.

Plesae note the current Articles of Incorporation clearly states the Board has the right to update the By Laws as long as the changes are not in conflict with the existign Articles of Incorporation.
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