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Covid has struck us again.

We learned just this week we cannot use the meeting room at the Salt Lake County Building due to extended covid restrictions.

We have been able to find a new location in Oakley and changed the date .

2021 Hidden Lake Association
Annual Meeting

Monday May 10th 6:00pm
Oakleys Cattleman Hall
911 W Center St, Kamas, UT 84036

(NOTE: this place is in Oakley but their address is Kamas)
Click Here for a MAP

We all know where the Road Island Diner is located. The Cattleman Hall is located on the road behind the Diner. At the Post Office, turn onto West Center Street, the same street that Kens store is on. Continue on West Center . Just before it jogs left you will see the Oakleys Cattlemans Hall

Please pass this information onto anyone you can contact at Hidden Lake. There are a few we still do not have emails for and are calling them.


Terry Ulanch

Hidden Lake Association
2020 Board Presidents
801 520 7358

Hidden Lake Association

Hidden Lake Association offers many recreational opportunities and most importantly a place that offers rest and relaxation among friends. HLA was created in 1960 and since then has transformed into the wonderful community it is today. No matter what season, Hidden Lake Association offers enjoyment for all

HLA Information and News

Mountaineer Award

Many Thanks to our Mountaineers!

Lake Details

The Hidden Lake is private property and is entirely within the boundaries of the Hidden Lake Association.

HLA Water Information

Hidden Lake Water information is aimed at educating and informing our association members and water users. It is hoped this information will aid our members in proper usage of our resources and curb misuse or abuse of water in our association.

Gate Access

HLA has two different, gated areas split between the River side and the Mountain side. The River side is nestled between the Weber River and Weber Canyon Road, while the Mountain side is located on the back side of the river. Gate entry access is controled by FOBs. Details related to the access can be found here.

Fire Alert Details

The HLA fire status is indicated by the background color of the 'Fire' link located on the top of every page. This status is based on the current state status for our regaion.

ATV Certification

Hidden Lake Association requires any person under the age of 16 (or any person without a Utah Driver's License) operating an Off-Highway Vehicle on HLA Corporation property to possess a valid Utah OHV certificate.

OHV Regulations

The HLA BOD voted to adopt the State of Utah's Off-Highway Vehicle laws and rules as association regulations concerning the safety standard related to operations of OHVs on association property.

Hidden Lake Utah History

The following history of Hidden Lake Association was taken from the minutes,correspondence and other documents in the association archives.