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The anual work day will be held :

    HLA Annual Work Day
    8:00 AM June 9th 2018

Meet at Pump House Park.
WATER SYSTEM UPDATE POWERPOINT BY CLARK HILL (CLICK THIS  LINK) - Members please take a moment and look at the PowerPoint by clicking on the blue link above. Clark Hill created the presentation for the membership to see what was accomplished this year with your water system. Clark transformation at the bridge this year. More exciting improvements to come!
Posted: 11-20-2016


Over the past 3-4 years HLA has made major improvements in our water system.  Some of these include replacing 1-2 inch lines with 4 inch BLUE BRUTE lines.  We have dug up, identified  and made changes at the water storage tanks.  We have installed  isolation valves to assist in locating leaks.  We are currently replacing a one inch line with a four inch BLUE BRUTE line as that line needs to provide delivery service to three additional cabins.  One of our major goals is to provide redundancy to the delivery system and this new line will eventually be tied with one of the two new lines from the lake tanks. Eventually all four inch lines will be interconnected. These changes have allowed our system to increase water pressure to more acceptable levels of service at the highest points in HLA.  This is possible as the water stored in these new pipes has increased by 200-400 percent increasing gravitational push and helping us comply with state water delivery requirements.

Pressures have increased from sometimes 20 pounds (top of Aspen Loop) to up to 140 pounds at the cabins on Weber drive. This now requires that ALL cabins install pressure reduction valves in the line between your water meter and your cabin.  These PRVs have been required in new construction for over 15 years.  It is recommended that the installation be performed prior to turning on your water in the springtime.  A main line PRV will be installed at the top of Weber Drive next spring.  Installing one of these further up River Vu would have the effect of reducing the water pressure at the top of Aspen Loop to unacceptable levels.

Our goal is to replace all obsolete (too small and brittle) lines over the next 3-5 years.

Special thanks to the water committee, especially Clark Hill who has spent over 400 volunteer hours this year.  Bret Christiansen has done an incredible job of documenting our system which is a request that has not been met in almost two decades. As the documentation continues an effort to gather historical documents from past water directors and committees members will continue and all documentation will be scanned and kept digitally for our future generations to more completely understand our decisions today and control costs as the system develops and is replaced with modern engineering systems and materials.

Clark Hill has prepared a comprehensive PowerPoint for the membership. Please click this link to view.

Posted: 11-20-2016

FIREWORKS PROHIBITED - HLA would like to remind members, family and guests that all types of fireworks are prohibited (yes, even sparklers & snaps) within the association to include private property, common areas and green space during the entire year. Violators will be fined up to $500.00

Posted: Constant

PROPANE SUPPLIER ENTRY - The following five propane companies have been authorized to enter HLA to service customers.  Each company has been provided a FOB (frequency operated button) registered to that particular company.  Codes previously issued have been removed from the Security Gate System.  Any member who uses a supplier other than the five listed must escort that supplier into HLA. 

The propane companies are presented in no particular order and members are encouraged to shop the suppliers for the best price.

Suburban Propane Co.

AmeriGas Co.

T7 Propane Co.

Utah LP Gas Co.

Hone Propane Co.

Posted: Constant

ATV CERTIFICATION - You can now get your child ATV certified on-line for $30. Go to http://stateparks.utah.gov/ohv/education for more information.

Hidden Lake Association requires any person under the age of 16 (or any person without a Utah Driver's License) operating an Off-Highway Vehicle on HLA Corporation property to possess a valid Utah OHV certificate. Property owners can be fined by HLA BoD for violations of this rule.

Also, any person under the age of 18 is required to wear a helmet while operating an OHV  on HLA Corporation property. If you are over 18 it certainly is a good example to wear a helmet and it can save your life!

Posted: Constant

LAKE FISHING - The Hidden Lake will be planted by a private vendor and paid for through HLA funds. The Hidden Lake is private property and is entirely within the boundaries of the Hidden Lake Association. Currently the lake suffers complete winter kill each year and there is no state funded fish left in the lake. Based on this information the lake has been deemed by the Directors as a private lake for fishing by members and their approved guests only, with unauthorized people being officially trespassed per this notification and gate signage. Additionally, the Directors voted to control fishing by implementing the policy of TWO FISH PER DAY PER CABIN.

Posted: Constant

HIDDEN LAKE HISTORY - In 2003 then President Dean Carr researched and authored a summary of our history based on the minutes from meetings over many decades. The book was bound and offered for a minimal price to cover the production cost. This week Dean offered to release the document as a MS Word document. It is available for download in the document services section. Enjoy learning or for some members reliving our interesting past.

Posted: Constant

codeRED - Summit County codeRED system is a reverse 911 system that alerts landlines, cell phones, and VOIPs of critical public safety matters, utility outages, missing persons, evacuations or other matters deemed important by county officials. codeRED is available for sign-up here. Please sign-up today! Cell phones welcome.

Posted: Constant

NON-PAYMENT OF DUES - If you find that your FOB does not activate the gate and/or your water has been shut-off, you have likely been deactivated due to non-payment of dues. Please contact Ways & Means Director or Treasurer for more information.

Posted: Constant

SPECIAL PROJECTS INFORMATION - If you are planning demolition, building, remodeling, reconstruction, landscaping or any other special project which requires large equipment, may impact the association in general, private property or infrastructure please contact an HLA Director to make an appointment with the Special Projects Analysis Program Committee.  If you are unsure whether your project may require SPAPC involvement please contact a Clark Hill HLA Special Projects Director for further information. The SPAPC form is available in the Document Services section.

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YOU'VE GOT MAIL - If you are not receiving mail from HLA, set your filtering software to allow mail from admin@hiddenlakeutah.com as some software may view our mass mailings as spam.

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ANY IDEAS? - This site is driven by the ideas and thoughts of our membership. Submit your ideas & suggestions regarding this site here.

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Systems Status


Quick Look Symbols

Inoperable   Advisory   Operable

 Systems Status is not real time and is meant only as notification to the systems and their current operational or technical status as reported by members.



HLA Fire Alert Condition: Low


Report fire mitigation hours to Bob Kooyman


Well System: Normal Delivery
Middle Spring System: Normal Delivery
Riverside System: Normal Delivery


Report problem or request info Troy Carr


Travel on HLA roads or property is at your own risk at all times in all conditions

Mountainside: Open

Riverside: Open


Report damage, problems or request info Clark Hill


Mountainside: Operable

Riverside: Operable


Report problem or request code/FOB Darren Backman


Mountainside: No reported outages

Riverside: No reported outages


Report outages and/or down lines to RMP

All activity on HLA property is at your own risk including the lake and river recreational area

Fishing Status: Open

       Fishing Limits: 2 per cabin per day


Report Problems to Mike Davis


                   Park Rules & Requirements
- Park hours 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM
- Main park must be reserved
- Reservation fee of $50 is required
- Reservation fee refundable after inspection
- If main park is not reserved - first come
- East private picnic areas can't be reserved and
  are for small family use as first come only
- Park must be cleaned and closed by 10:00 PM
- No facilities or running water provided
- Members are required to remove and properly
  dispose of all garbage
- Parking is very limited. Large groups are required
  to park in the parking lot by the river and shuttled
  to the park. Walking and ATV transport is
- No vehicles or ATV are allowed in the park
- Cabins, roads and members in the area are not to
  be impacted by park use
Fire pit use:
Prohibited during any fire restrictions
Fire wood not provided
- Fire extinguisher and full water buckets must be at
  the fire pit
- Small controllable fires only not to exceed the fire
  pit ring or three feet in height
- Fire must be completely extinguished by copious
  amounts of water prior to leaving

Request reservation Bryan Christensen


Weber Canyon at 7500' msl:

 Not Reporting


As reported by members or weberweather.com

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Association Events


BoD Meeting

Saturday, May 26th, 2018 At 8:00 AM

Oakley Fire Station

Oakley Fire Station

Members can suggest agenda items and are encouraged to attend any meeting


Annual Work Day

Saturady, June 9th, 2018 At 8:00 AM

Pump House Park



Annual Social

Saturady, Augus 18th, 2018 At 1:00 PM

Pump House Park


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HLA June 11, 2011

Submitted By Aimee Oviatt



"Island Moose"

HLA July 10, 2012

Submitted By David Nielsen


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